Virtual Events & Happenings This Week

Virtual Events

Now you can find ways to connect with artists anywhere!  Check out these two cool ways that artists are connecting with audiences.


The Teacher will Appear 

“With our one-on-one mentorship program you will have the opportunity to ask and discuss the steps of working in New York, making the transition from dancer to choreographer, or simply becoming a choreographer.”




 Skype with an Actor/Director/Playwright 

“Members of CTC wear many hats in the theatre and will relate our experience to your students.  Nothing can replace an in-person visit from a professional artist, but this is the next best thing.  “




 Scheduled Event

On the Spot: Backstage 

Sunday November 6 – 3 PM

Washington, DC

Check on Dissonance Dance Theatre’s new event!  Go behind the scenes to watch the dancers and choreographers do their thing.  It’s informal, so drop in and out, but make sure NOT to miss this!



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