GoSeeDo Tour

Welcome to the GoSeeDo Tour page. Here you will find helpful resources to get you started using GoSeeDo to:

  • BE CREATIVE – Create more art, more often, in familiar and new ways
  • OFFER MORE – Provide fans with meaningful ways to interact between major events by offering additional scheduled and bookable experiences
  • RAISE MONEY – Generate additional recurring income for and your art
  • IMPACT LIVES – Deepen the artistic relationships between you and your fans, as well as connect with new fans!


Getting Started with GoSeeDo

There are two main ideas behind the design of GoSeeDo:

  • By creating more frequent and a greater variety of possibilities for interaction, you help your biggest fans support you and give more entry points to new fans. Intended as a complement to your fundraising, you offer them an array of new engagement options (at a range of prices).  This approach to building a fan base stems from the  “1000 True Fans” concept.
  • While often Main Events are the center of your work, by broadening the range of meaningful experiences you offer your fans, you build a “Portfolio” of repeatable experiences to enjoy, raise support, and keep you fresh in audiences minds. Offering a range of experience types lets fans find their preferred ways of engagement with you.  As a result you have more frequent interactions with your fans, which leads to deeper connections.  In addition, by customizing and personalizing your offerings, you can reach fans with varied interests and at different price ranges. (Not every offering needs to speak to everyone…)




Organizational Profile

Your Organizational Profile is the window into your work for your fans.  Add a short, yet dynamic description to let new and existing fans know what you do.  Your main photo will be the “logo” image.  The second photo will be on your organization page.  It’s best to use two different photos for your profile so your fans can see more of what you do!  Your Organizational Profile also includes:

  • all of your basic contact details
  • information that will incorporate many of your social media streams
  • integration of your EventBrite account for ticketing and your PayPal account for financial transactions




Types of Experiences you can offer on GoSeeDo

SCHEDULED EVENTS – More frequent live moments

Scheduled Events are offerings that you list on GoSeeDo that are going to occur at a set date and time. They can be in real-space (a studio, theater, park…) or virtual (such as a Skype Q&A or a live streaming video from a theater or studio through the Livestream player built directly into GoSeeDo). In addition to creating new events specifically for posting on GoSeeDo, you can list any events or performances you already have scheduled. That way your existing fans and new fans using GoSeeDo can quickly find everything you have to offer.

We have lots of ideas for new types of events that you may choose to offer your fans, and these resources will continue to evolve through an ongoing peer-to-peer and community design process among members. Ready-made templates in GoSeeDo serve as blueprints to help you design and promote a wide range of events. They will involve minimal time and cost for you, but give your fans new ways to interact. These events can be free or paid, as you choose, and you can link to your own ticketing system or we can automatically publish each one to EventBrite to handle the ticketing for you.


Examples of Scheduled Events:

  1. Major Performance: Rebecca Rice Dance
  2. Informance: Saint Production
  3. Other Scheduled: Mapping Home Group Interview



BOOKABLES- Wildly creative ways to take engagement to the next level!

Bookables are on-demand experiences that you make available to your fans and presenters, but which will only occur if someone books them as an individual or as a group. This is your opportunity to think about what you can uniquely offer your audiences beyond performances. Our templates are full of ideas to help you design and present compelling custom bookable offerings, and the the GoSeeDo team and community can brainstorm with you. Bookables give you the chance to generate significant earned income from your fans while creating more art. We integrate with PayPal for credit-card payments so it’s easy to get paid.

Bookables are an excellent way to show your audiences how creative you are, and to raise support at low risk as you only incur the expense of implementing them if they are first booked. We recommend offering between 3-7 bookables in your portfolio so that there are a variety of types for a wide range of followers.

 Creative Ideas about Bookables:

  • Ask your fans for Bookables they’d like you to offer
  • Make a bunch of Draft Bookables – while they won’t appear on your Profile until you Publish them, you can share the weblink to your draft with an exclusive group of friends and fans to gather responses
  • Promote your bookables individually (with a special, focused email to your fans about this new experience) or send a link to your Portfolio to let them see everything at once (introducing the idea that you are “opening up” your creative world in new ways). You can craft your own messages or  use one of GoSeeDo’s email templates linked from your dashboard.


Examples of Bookable Events:

  1. Choreo-You!: Solo-darity
  2. Private Workshop: Private Coaching
  3. Premium: Original Design Commission



PROJECTS – Craft the way that fans gain insights into your work

If you have multiple stories or themes running through your work, you can group related experiences into Projects to connect them for your fans. Think of a Project as a window into your work from a specific vantage point –  you can create a Project page to link related media (photos, videos and notes) and  actionable (scheduled events and bookables), all in one place. Any item can be kept in more than one Project, so you can be creative in how you combine them.




MEDIA – Tell your Story

Sometimes you have content to share that isn’t about buying a ticket or booking an offering, but rather is about sharing the journey and building excitement. You can add photo slideshows, videos, and notes to let your fans know what you’re up to, to share ideas or and seek input. Include a poll to add a little more interaction through real-time graphic charting, and encourage your fans to make comments and leave testimonials. These will live on the page for that media, and also be rolled-up into your Organizations’ public profile page. Combine your Media into Projects to inspire fans to book related bookables!


 Visit the FAQ,  participate in the Learning Community or take a look at some of the artists’ offerings for inspiration: Explore