The results are in!

A big thanks to all of the artists who participated in our feedback sessions on our new design, updated features, and streamlined functionality.  All of the results were very positive and we’ll be moving forward with making these designs a reality!

The process:

We asked both current AEP artists as well as artists who are not currently using the platform to respond to 8 different pages.  We collected feedback on each page as well as a more in-depth survey following the full presentation.  We’ve gone through all of the feedback and have averaged results to share with you.

Here’s what we learned:

  • 96.25% LOVED the new designs of the pages
  • 96.12% LOVED the new layout of the pages
  • 94% LOVED how easy the new pages are to navigate

PS- the artists who didn’t LOVE the new pages LIKED them- we didn’t get one negative review!  

We introduced a plethora of new & updated features that will help fans and artists “GoSeeDo” more art events.  Here are the top features that artists are excited about:

  1. Our new Metrics & Statistics feature that lets artists see how their fans are using GoSeeDo to interact with their favorite artists
  2. Our new “Create” and “Promote” buttons for artists to manage their activities on the platform
  3. Our updated “Share” feature that lets fans spread the word about events to their networks and social media pages with a simple click of a button
  4. Our updated media options which lets artists add even more photos and videos to their profile as well as individual event pages

Stay tuned for more updates as AEP prepares to launch our new look and new name: GoSeeDo!

– Jeremy Williams, Community Manager


Sep. 15, 2011, Filed under category Announcements


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