On-Demand offerings from Case-Study artists now available

AEP aims to help artist offer “more art, more often” in ways that are unique to them and increase their sustainability. In advance of the public launch, an early team of Case-Study Artists have published an inspiring mix of “On-Demand” experiences, where their fans can engage with their work in new ways.  As the name implies, these experiences will happen when a fan books it, making opportunities available that they never knew were possible.  No need to wait for your favorite artist’s next live show any more!

These artists have created unique experiences, customized for their fans to provide a personalized entrance into what makes their work distinctive. The suite of experience types, designs and features for the artists to use will keep growing alongside the community of artists. Current On-Demand Experiences include: performance parties, original choreography, custom designs, private coaching, and many others!

So come take a look at what they have to offer!

Mar. 21, 2011, Filed under category blog


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