Make Art Through Making Art

Broadway Producer, Ken Davenport posted a blog that relates directly to¬†one of AEP’s goals: to help artists use their art to support and produce more art. You can read his full post here, but below is an excerpt that is right up the same alley as what we’re helping you do through AEP.


If you’ve got a product that already has market interest, another way to boost that interest is to create supporting products that might appeal to either a new demographic, or more importantly, your core demo. That group is desperate to consume as much information as they can about who you are, what you do, and where you come from.

So once you have a show that has some traction, take some time to supplement that traction with a history book, a mini doc, or something else that might make money on its own . . . and that supports your primary product.


How does this relate to your work? You can build on your show before it even opens by creating offerings that lead up to your major performance. Take a look at some of the ways AEP artists are building momentum for their shows by creating a Project around it, or supporting performances by giving sneak-peeks or follow-ups.


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