We did it!

We finally arrived at our site name for AEP!  The site name is…. GoSeeDo!

I never though of naming as a difficult task. I have named kids. Pets. Dance moves. It has never been a problem. But coming up with a name for the public facing brand of AEP… that was a challenge.

We had been looking for a  name that would be easy for the public to remember and inspire a sense of action and involvement among people coming to have new experiences with the arts. There are two ways that the public interested with the platform, either through a direct relationship with a particular artists, or to the central site’s public discovery interface where people can find new ways to engage with artists. The name needed to work for both.

I don’t know exactly how many hours were spent on domain search sites or how many names we discussed, evaluated, and dismissed. Some were too adventurous. Others too meek. Some were too forward. Others too elusive.  Needless to say, when we finally emerged with a name that most everyone on the team and of the 20+ people we surveyed liked, I was thrilled.

We’re now phasing in the branding to reflect the name. This starts working on the visual identity, and the first step is deciding on a logo. I had expected the logo process to be harder than the naming process. But so far it is an incredibly fun and fluid experience.

I’d like to share the initial set of logo designs that we looked at. Take a look. See what you think. And let us know which one you would pick or any feedback you have.

Oh yeah – let us know what you think of the name as well 🙂



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