How very nice to meet you, AEP.

Hi guys! My name is Kate – I just wanted to introduce myself – and I am proud to be one of Misnomer and AEP’s newest interns. I’m coming to these spaces via an alternate direction than dance: my interest is piqued by thoughts of public space – the use of it and how we can make it better. I also love design and art.

With my interests rather seemingly unrelated to the live arts, you may ask “why AEP?” Easy. I was initially attracted to AEP because of their commitment to becoming a venue for “the sharing and spreading of the thrill of the live arts.” I am a firm believer in working for the common good and so one may be able to see why I would want to be a part of AEP: their mission to sustain (and hopefully better) the arts through helping artists design and tailor events specifically for their audience will ultimately serve the whole. For example, this kind of innovation could possibly add to the improvement of public spaces.

After a couple months of working with AEP I’ve had time to play with tying together some of my own interests – public space and design – with some of AEP’s – innovation in audience engagement. In this blog I’ll be asking questions about how to use public space better to cultivate more opportunities for audience engagement and I would love to hear what you think about these subjects as well. Feel free to email me at kate@misnomer.org.

I’d love to start a discussion.

  • What’s your favorite public space in NYC/the U.S./the world?
  • Have you seen an art event in a public space which seemed to influence the audience?
  • What kind of live arts make you feel most connected to your favorite artist?

I’d love to know! I look forward to engaging with you guys and I hope to uncover many more questions of my own this way.

Hasta luego!


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