Rob Capili,  Product Management

Rob Capili’s expertise is the integration of product development and internet marketing. He comes from a dance background, and among other things, has been a presenter at Dance/USA’s Winter Forum, was on the Dance/USA Board of Directors, and on the Dance/USA Technology Sub-committee.

Chris Elam,  Founder

Chris Elam’s choreography for Misnomer Dance Theater has toured to over 300 theaters in fourteen countries, and his artistic collaborations have included projects with Bjork, the Sundance Channel and Apple Computers. Elam initiated the development of GoSeeDo, and is a frequent speaker at the country’s foremost arts, business and technology conferences, including Fortune Magazine’s Brainstorm: TECH, Carnegie Mellon’s’ Technology in the Arts, and TEDx. Elam is an advisory board member of Americans for the Arts’ National Arts Marketing Project.

Marta Jakab, Marketing and User Experience

With over 20 years in IT business management and a diploma in alternative therapies, Marta takes a creative approach to GoSeeDo’s daily operations, mixing her technical knowledge with intuitive diagnosis skills. Her aim is to ensure that artists and audiences get the best experience out of the platform, and that GoSeeDo brings value and pleasure to their lives. Marta holds a BS degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and an MBA in International Business.


 Mark Turrell & Yvonne Lindow (Orcasci),  Marketing and Business Strategy

Mark is the founder and CEO of Orcasci (ww.orcasci.com), a strategy and marketing agency that designs programs to ‘spread’ products, services, ideas and behaviors. Prior to Orcasci, he co-founded Imaginatik plc (www.imaginatik.com), a pioneer in the use of collective intelligence and crowd-sourcing. Mark was nominated as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2008, and as a Young Global Leader in 2010. He has been a member of the Clinton Global Initiative through his work at Imaginatik.

Sebastian Klement,   Design and Digital Media

Sebastian Klement is a freelance media designer and also works for various theater productions as a production manager in Germany. He started his engagement with Misnomer Dance Theater in New York in 2011 and continues his work on GoSeeDo.org, applying his specialization in design, digital and social media.




Marc Mathieu — Senior VP, Global Marketing, Unilever; Former VP, Global Brand Marketing, Coca-Cola
Bill PulleyBlank — Former Vice President, Business Analytics and Optimization, Global Business Services, IBM
Betsy Poirier — Director, Online Marketing, ANN Inc.
Oussama El-Hilali — Senior Vice President, Carbonite Corporation
Samir Bitar — Chief of Visitor Services, Smithsonian Institute, National Museum of Natural History
Stephen Chen — Emerging Markets Investment Professional, Oppenheimer Investments



Mark Gibson — Founder and CEO, Mark Gibson Consulting
Alison Lindland
— Senior Manager, Business Development, American Express
Kit Sharma
— Product Manager, Cisco
Philip Rosedale
— Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Second Life
Marie-Claire Meisels
— Marketing Consultant, Former Director of Marketing & Communications, PopTech
Mans Hultman
— former Chairman of the Board and CEO, QlikTech
Murat Aktihanoglu
— Founder and CEO, Centrl.com and eroundtable.net
David Berkowitz
— Senior Director of Emerging Media & Innovation, 360i
Sean Curran
— Artistic Director, Sean Curran Dance
Peter Clare
— Former Director at Oracle, CEO/CTO at Apacheta Corporation
Sasha Dees
— International Producer and Programmer
David Dorfman
— Artistic Director, David Dorfman Dance
Joy Kellman
— Choreographer
Bill Seitz
— Technologist 
Brendan Kramp
— Former Head of Fundraising, English National Opera
Martha Myers
— Dean Emeritus, American Dance Festival



A substantial number of individuals have and continue to provide consultation and insight to the development of GoSeeDo in both targeted and ongoing capacities. These include Alpha testers, arts administrators, consultants, foundation officers, and artists.



GoSeeDo is created with the support of several leading innovative Foundations and Organizations.