Engaging Dance Audiences Learning Exchange in NYC

GoSeeDo is pleased to be presenting as part of the NYC Learning Exchange this Sunday for Dance/USA’s Engaging Dance Audiences.  We will be joining American Dance Festival, The Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts, Oberlin Dance Collective, On the Boards, STREB, Trey McIntyre Project, Walker Art Center, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.  The Learning Exchange is being hosted by Gibney Dance Center, also an artist on GoSeeDo!

To learn more about Round Two of Engaging Dance Audiences and to register for the Learning Exchanges visit EDA Learning Exchanges.

Check out these great tips on audience engagement from EDA:

The term “audience engagement” is recognized by dance professionals to indicate emerging practices and new attitudes about the inter-relationships among artists, presenters, and audiences, going well beyond accustomed practices of marketing, outreach, and audience development. Here are four tips to keep in mind:

  1. Invites audiences to be participatory rather than passive and values their involvement. By being actively two-way rather than presentational, it empowers people to better understand, appreciate, and connect with the meaning and impact of the art experience.
  2. May be tied to specific performances, but also may occur independently. Some practitioners see “audience engagement” as blurring the line with the art making itself. It deepens relationships with existing viewers and also builds connections among prospective audiences.
  3. Plans in good faith that a more knowledgeable and involved audience will lead to better sales or donations and will attract new faces. The outcomes of engagement practices, however, are not attendance or ticket sales alone, but other kinds of impacts. It appreciates that everyone will react differently to the art, and celebrates the diversity of impact.
  4. Inevitably involves risk, investment and innovation.



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