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How very nice to meet you, AEP.

Hi guys! My name is Kate – I just wanted to introduce myself – and I am proud to be one of Misnomer and AEP’s newest interns. I’m coming to these spaces via an alternate direction than dance: my interest is piqued by thoughts of public space – the use of it and how we can make it better. I also love design and art.

With my interests rather seemingly unrelated to the live arts, you may ask “why AEP?” Easy. I was initially attracted to AEP because of their commitment to becoming a venue for “the sharing and spreading of the thrill of the live arts.” I am a firm believer in working for the common good and so one may be able to see why I would want to be a part of AEP: their mission to sustain (and hopefully better) the arts through helping artists design and tailor events specifically for their audience will ultimately serve the whole. For example, this kind of innovation could possibly add to the improvement of public spaces.

After a couple months of working with AEP I’ve had time to play with tying together some of my own interests – public space and design – with some of AEP’s – innovation in audience engagement. In this blog I’ll be asking questions about how to use public space better to cultivate more opportunities for audience engagement and I would love to hear what you think about these subjects as well. Feel free to email me at kate@misnomer.org.

I’d love to start a discussion.

  • What’s your favorite public space in NYC/the U.S./the world?
  • Have you seen an art event in a public space which seemed to influence the audience?
  • What kind of live arts make you feel most connected to your favorite artist?

I’d love to know! I look forward to engaging with you guys and I hope to uncover many more questions of my own this way.

Hasta luego!


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Hello, AEP!

Hi AEP-ers,

I’m Courtney, an intern who’s going to be posting periodically on this blog. But before I start filling the blogosphere with my thoughts on different art forms and cool happenings, I thought I’d tell you a few things about myself. I graduated from Goucher College in May and three weeks later I moved from Ohio to NYC.

I’m a dancer, choreographer and photographer. I’ve always been charmed with bygone eras. I guess that accounts for how much I loved my Tuscan study abroad experience; plus, imagining myself in a different time was easier when I was surrounded by ancient buildings. It also explains why I’m fascinated with the digitization of nearly every aspect of our lives but find comfort in choosing analog. At times, I prefer the physicality that accompanies certain experiences. For example, I could spend an hour browsing Amazon to buy a new book for my Kindle. But, I’d prefer to spend that hour in an actual bookstore: handling various books, smelling their particular smell, hearing the pages rustle. I think the physical response that this, among many other experiences, elicits is what keeps us engaged in an increasingly digital world.

In fact, part of the reason I accepted this internship is due to the focus on audience engagement at AEP and Misnomer Dance Theater. Early into college, I was able to see how engaging an audience creates a positive impact. The dance department hosts open rehearsals at the end of every guest artist’s 10 day residency. During them, the audience gets the opportunity to preview the work as well as ask questions to the artist and dancers. These events provided me with opportunities to see more than just the work- I was drawn into the story behind it. We also were encouraged to ask more personal questions to the artists. Learning more about the artist provided insight into the work that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

What about you? What experiences make you react strongly? Are you interested in the preservation of pre-digital forms? Is there a way for both to coexist or are certain things headed for obscurity? Can you think of a time when you felt particularly engaged with an artist or art form? I would love to hear from you!

You can post a comment or email me here: Courtney

Looking forward to hearing from you, Courtney

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Update on AEP

We’ve been relatively quiet recently, so we wanted to share an update.

After completing an Alpha test of AEP we had some ideas which we felt would be good to explore incorporating into the first release. So we put development on hold for a while, reducing expenses while we figured this out. The result is that we now have a refined plan that we are excited to share with you, as well as a few new members who we are welcoming to our team.

The role of VP of AEP Development has been divided into two positions. We brought in two new employees to drive the completion and future development of AEP.

Bill Seitz is our new AEP Product Manager. He’s responsible for our strategic plans and coordinating the daily execution of those plans. He has built the technology/teams for 4 internet startups in the past 15 years (and he’s an ex band-geek.)

Rob Capili is our new AEP Marketing Manager. He’s responsible for the details of design and communications, and will be hiring a Community Manager to help artists get the best use out of AEP. He comes from a dance background and, among other things, was on the Dance/USA Board of Directors and served on the Dance/USA Technology sub-committee.

During this time we also made changes to our Board of Directors and added to our Advisory Board. You can read about both those groups on the “Boards” tab of Misnomer’s site.

We expect to go into Beta test mode in January, with our public release in March. We’ll have a separate announcement shortly about our new product plans.

You’ll be reading more frequent posts from all of us here, and we are excited to share the next steps of this process with you.

That’s the word from AEP.

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