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Featured Offerings from Artists of GoSeeDo – Simon Feil

The offerings that are featured on the blog are examples of what can be found on GoSeeDo. Click “Yes, I’m Interested” to start exploring all the exciting offerings we have for you!


Bring together your love of food and theater with Sushi by Simon – learn to make sushi from a theater artist

Learn how to make your own sushi in a fun, entertaining, and low-key environment.  A sushi class is a unique idea for parties, corporate events, dates, or family gatherings.

Simon has taught sushi-making to groups of 2-200 all over the tri-state area and has been a recurring guest on Martha Stewart Living Radio.





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Featured offerings from Artists of GoSeeDo – Malashock Dance

The offerings that are featured on the blog are examples of what can be found on GoSeeDo. Click “Yes, I’m Interested” to start exploring all the exciting offerings we have for you!


Know a dancer applying for college?  Check out Malashock Dance’s Solo-darity: Meeting of Mentor & Student for a great opportunity to wow admissions!

Impress faculty with a custom modern dance solo created just for you! Malashock Dance will bring their years of professional experience into the studio to choreograph a unique audition solo on you.  Personalized coaching and mentorship will boost your confidence and ensure that you put your best foot forward when it’s time to audition!

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Featured Offerings from Artists of GoSeeDo – Christopher Williams

The offerings that are featured on the blog are examples of what can be found on GoSeeDo.  Click “Yes, I’m Interested” to start exploring all the exciting offerings we have for you!

Christopher Williams’ Original Design Commission gives you the opportunity to take home a unique piece of wearable art.

Christopher Williams’ work is known for its lush, creative, and fantastical costumes and puppetry. Here is your opportunity to integrate his vision into your own wardrobe. Christopher and his crack team of designers will collaborate with you to design and build a unique puppet, prop, costume, or wardrobe piece of your very own. Mine Christopher’s repertoire for inspiration, or work with a clean slate to dream up something new.





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Featured Offerings from GoSeeDo Artists – Colin McGrath & Kinesis Project

Have a favorite story you’d like to share? Collin McGrath can Create a Sing Along eBook for Your Child

   Do you have a favorite story that you like to tell your child? Would you like to have this story turned into a professionally illustrated story-song book? With a highlighted word sing-along feature, you and your child will be singing along in no time on an eBook that is compatible with your choice of mobile device!


Have a question for an artist?  Kinesis Project lets you book Your Own Private Q&A

 Do you have questions for Artistic Director Melissa or the Company but aren’t interested in being surrounded by other curious audience members as you ask them? Now you can book Your Own Private Q&A!




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Events this week + featured bookables


Cristina Skinner presents: Project #1

October 26, 7:30 PM

Lincoln, NE

Project #1 is a devised theater piece currently being created by a group of 7 artists/students at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  “Humans utilize fear as a tool to help control the lives of others.  Fear is an essential element in everyday life, it is a factor in every decision made.  The group creating this piece of theater is embracing the idea of fear to show how it is used, and how fear can be overcome.”


Ping Chong & Company present: Angles of Swedenborg

October 27, 7:30 PM


“The production combines dance, theatre, music and multi-media projections and features eight angels, two spirits and, of course, Swedenborg himself, cavorting in a heavenly corral of swirling white feathers.”



Featured Bookables:

Christopher Williams Dances – Solo Commission

Need a solo dance?  Commission critically acclaimed choreographer Christopher Williams to work with you to create a new work.  A combination of your strengths and Williams’ rigorous movement vocabulary.




Kinesis Project – Step into Rehearsal

Ever want to enjoy a rehearsal without a crowded room?  Now you can!  Kinesis Project is creating a new show and they are opening up the process to include YOU.  Check out how you can get into the mix.






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Spring is in the air and AEP’s artists are springing into action!

Melissa Riker, Artistic Director of Kinesis Project, is presenting “Phase 1: Mapping Home InStudio”- a look into the creative process of their new work in it’s early stages of development.  You can get into the action, but seating is limited so reserve your spot today!  You could also win tickets to a Yankee’s game so don’t forget your raffle ticket.




The event will be held at Gibney Dance Center in one of their newly acquired studios.  Guess what, YOU can also use these studios for rehearsals, classes, and private events!  Check out the beautiful studios in the heart of Manhattan and book your event today!








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Update on AEP

We’ve been relatively quiet recently, so we wanted to share an update.

After completing an Alpha test of AEP we had some ideas which we felt would be good to explore incorporating into the first release. So we put development on hold for a while, reducing expenses while we figured this out. The result is that we now have a refined plan that we are excited to share with you, as well as a few new members who we are welcoming to our team.

The role of VP of AEP Development has been divided into two positions. We brought in two new employees to drive the completion and future development of AEP.

Bill Seitz is our new AEP Product Manager. He’s responsible for our strategic plans and coordinating the daily execution of those plans. He has built the technology/teams for 4 internet startups in the past 15 years (and he’s an ex band-geek.)

Rob Capili is our new AEP Marketing Manager. He’s responsible for the details of design and communications, and will be hiring a Community Manager to help artists get the best use out of AEP. He comes from a dance background and, among other things, was on the Dance/USA Board of Directors and served on the Dance/USA Technology sub-committee.

During this time we also made changes to our Board of Directors and added to our Advisory Board. You can read about both those groups on the “Boards” tab of Misnomer’s site.

We expect to go into Beta test mode in January, with our public release in March. We’ll have a separate announcement shortly about our new product plans.

You’ll be reading more frequent posts from all of us here, and we are excited to share the next steps of this process with you.

That’s the word from AEP.

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