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Your Wedding. Done Artfully.

We at GoSeeDo love coming up with new ways to help market and sell artist’s offerings! One fun way is to offer wedding related Bookables. What’s better than a unique, tasteful, and artistic wedding? Wouldn’t it be fun to be included in their special day?
Check out some things you can offer here! Enjoy!

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Featured Offerings from Artists of GoSeeDo – Simon Feil

The offerings that are featured on the blog are examples of what can be found on GoSeeDo. Click “Yes, I’m Interested” to start exploring all the exciting offerings we have for you!


Bring together your love of food and theater with Sushi by Simon – learn to make sushi from a theater artist

Learn how to make your own sushi in a fun, entertaining, and low-key environment.  A sushi class is a unique idea for parties, corporate events, dates, or family gatherings.

Simon has taught sushi-making to groups of 2-200 all over the tri-state area and has been a recurring guest on Martha Stewart Living Radio.





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Featured Offerings from Artists of GoSeeDo – Brendan Hughes

The offerings that are featured on the blog are examples of what can be found on GoSeeDo. Click “Yes, I’m Interested” to start exploring all the exciting offerings we have for you!

Bring the performance to your next party with Oomphalos: diagrams, theories and preposterous arcana from the face trumpet of Brendan Hughes

Oomphalos is a series of informative lectures on delightfully fascinating arcana which, when considered en toto, create a unifying constellation of ideas that will leave a crack in the Earth’s crust extending in every direction from the lecturn.

Get tickets on GoSeeDo to catch Brendan’s live performances in LOS ANGELES on June 19th and in NEW YORK on June 26th.


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Featured offerings from Artists of GoSeeDo – Malashock Dance

The offerings that are featured on the blog are examples of what can be found on GoSeeDo. Click “Yes, I’m Interested” to start exploring all the exciting offerings we have for you!


Know a dancer applying for college?  Check out Malashock Dance’s Solo-darity: Meeting of Mentor & Student for a great opportunity to wow admissions!

Impress faculty with a custom modern dance solo created just for you! Malashock Dance will bring their years of professional experience into the studio to choreograph a unique audition solo on you.  Personalized coaching and mentorship will boost your confidence and ensure that you put your best foot forward when it’s time to audition!

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Featured Offerings from Artists of GoSeeDo – Christopher Williams

The offerings that are featured on the blog are examples of what can be found on GoSeeDo.  Click “Yes, I’m Interested” to start exploring all the exciting offerings we have for you!

Christopher Williams’ Original Design Commission gives you the opportunity to take home a unique piece of wearable art.

Christopher Williams’ work is known for its lush, creative, and fantastical costumes and puppetry. Here is your opportunity to integrate his vision into your own wardrobe. Christopher and his crack team of designers will collaborate with you to design and build a unique puppet, prop, costume, or wardrobe piece of your very own. Mine Christopher’s repertoire for inspiration, or work with a clean slate to dream up something new.





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Featured Offerings from GoSeeDo Artists – Colin McGrath & Kinesis Project

Have a favorite story you’d like to share? Collin McGrath can Create a Sing Along eBook for Your Child

   Do you have a favorite story that you like to tell your child? Would you like to have this story turned into a professionally illustrated story-song book? With a highlighted word sing-along feature, you and your child will be singing along in no time on an eBook that is compatible with your choice of mobile device!


Have a question for an artist?  Kinesis Project lets you book Your Own Private Q&A

 Do you have questions for Artistic Director Melissa or the Company but aren’t interested in being surrounded by other curious audience members as you ask them? Now you can book Your Own Private Q&A!




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GoSeeDo – Artist Overview


What is GoSeeDo?

GoSeeDo is an online audience engagement and booking platform that facilitates meaningful and productive interactions between those who create art and those who appreciate it. It is designed to support artists and arts organizations in building more sustainable practices that raise revenue while deepening fan loyalty.

To do this, GoSeeDo assists artists in crafting, marketing and selling both regular event tickets and a bookable portfolio of creative experiences that can be purchased directly by fans, groups, companies, presenters…or just about anyone! We help deepen roots with ones’ existing base, as well as provide artists the opportunity to draw new fans and bookings through access to GoSeeDo’s centralized marketplace – similar to what Etsy.com does for crafts, but instead for unique, creative experiences through the arts.

Designed for busy artists who may have limited time, resources and technical capacity, GoSeeDo works to help artists to get up and running fast with easy-to-use, actionable marketing and experience blueprints, a learning center, and a peer-to-peer community where artists can see examples of and learn from one another’s engagement programs, leveraging the benefits of a network of practitioners.

Created by and for artists, and managed by a non-profit, GoSeeDo aims to be a powerful “need-to-have” resource focused squarely on a central issue in the arts – helping artists generate new, repeatable sources of earned revenue – in ways that are fun and meaningful to both themselves and their audiences.

What do we mean by creative experiences?

Creative experiences can encompass anything and everything that either artists or their fans can dream up. The main premise behind GoSeeDo is that artists have a lot to offer in addition to their final artistic product. A primary barrier to artists is not positioning their offerings for people who would be interested in what they have to offer and not having an easy way to make such offerings available. GoSeeDo breaks down those barriers, by creating a marketplace where individuals can go to find creative experiences ranging from:

  • Behind-the-scenes access to performances or rehearsals
  • Commissioning an artist to create an original, spectacular Halloween costume for a fan
  • Private, short, performances for a school, private party, or corporate event
  • Hiring a painter to create a mural for child’s room
  • Booking a choreographer to create a short work on a fan, giving them a taste for what it’s like to be a dancer
  • Having an artist design and orchestrate a flash-mob for a special occasion
  • A live video chat with an artist for a school group, book club, or aspiring artist

 Experience blueprints make it easy for artists to browse existing experience ideas and customize them to be their own. Artists can also create new experiences, and fans can request experiences they would like to book.


How does GoSeeDo benefit artists?

Get more bookings. One of our primary goals is to make it easy for artists to offer a wide range of creative, bookable experiences. These can include repurposing what artists are already doing for a wider market, as well as creating new offerings that neither artists nor their fans might have ever considered.

  • Get up and running fast. Experience blueprints bring artists 90% of the way to a full portfolio in no time.
  • Reach more varied markets. Blueprints help artists create, tailor and re-purpose experiences for school groups, corporate events, aspiring artists, and more.
  • Increase artists’ return on investment and reduce risks. Artists only put in the effort to make an experience happen when it has already been purchased.

Raise new income. Each new experience an artist offers is not only a new way that they can connect with their fans, but also a new way their fans can support them financially.

  • Offer experiences at a range of price points. What experience could an artist offer that would be worth $10, $100, or even $1,000 to one or more of their fans? Since offering experiences is so easy, artists can tailor them to niche groups within their fan base.
  • Asking for donations is hard, but offering experiences is easy. By offering fans experiences that they will be excited to book, tell their friends about, and give as gifts, artists are raising revenue in a whole new way.
  • GoSeeDo is designed to be easy to get guidance on best practices, so individual artists will not be alone in figuring out what works. Our built-in learning center has tutorials, webinars, and a peer community to help with everything from how to price experiences to how to best get useful feedback and testimonials from fans.

 Offer fans more. By offering fans experiences that enable them to bring an artists’ vision into more aspects of their daily lives, artists can deepen their connection to their fans.

  • Give fans more ways to experience art. Behind the scenes, in their home, with their friends – fans can see the richness of an artists’ work in more ways than ever.
  • Help fans feel more connected to artists. As a result, fans will be inspired to tell others about an artists’ work, make repeat bookings, and support artists in more varied ways.
  • Everyone feels good when they help someone else. GoSeeDo opens up new ways that fans can contribute to an artists’ success, including booking experiences, giving feedback on experiences, suggesting new experiences they would be interested in, or sharing an artists’ portfolio with a potential buyer or client.

What do artists think about GoSeeDo?

Below are some statements from artists regarding why they have found the GoSeeDo approach to be beneficial and inspiring for their organizations.

“GoSeeDo has quickly become an instrumental tool for thinking about new web-based opportunities (engagement and marketing) for my company and my choreography. Not only is it an important way to organize our own calendar of offerings, but it is an incredible resource for new ideas.”

– Lizzie Leopold, Artistic Director, Leopold Group, Chicago, IL

“We are excited about GoSeeDo’s potential to cultivate new audiences that go way beyond the traditional theater-goers.”

– Gina Gibney, Artistic Director, Gibney Dance, New York, NY

“GoSeeDo has spurred our creative thinking about new revenue streams. And the opportunity to share ideas with other artists is terrific! It’s easy to get bogged down in ‘same old, same old’ but GoSeeDo has provoked us to think in new ways.”

– Jane Stojak, Managing Director, Leah Stein Dance Company, Philadelphia, PA

“In a very short time with GoSeeDo I find my mind is brimming with ways of letting audiences into our dances. The creativity, questions and push to invent are all igniting sparks of new audience-to-performance relationships – I like to tear away barriers or confusion about art-making, GoSeeDo is a launch point for both me and my audiences.”

– Melissa Riker, Artistic Director, Kinesis Project, New York, NY

“GoSeeDo is an innovative platform that fosters creativity on many levels. It has deepened Ping Chong & Company’s thinking about what it means to have an online presence. We are excited that GoSeeDo presents us with possibilities to build more meaningful relationships with our audience.”

– Jane Jung, Managing Director, Ping Chong & Company, NY, NY

“Since we started using the platform, our theatre company has had a large perspective shift on what we have to offer- looking at a much larger range of activities, events, and services that we can share with our audiences. This shift includes looking at both what the company can offer as well as our individual members. GoSeeDo allows us to see ourselves as part of a national network of artists who are re-envisioning producing and business models through engagement activities.”

– Band of Toughs: a Theatre Collaboratory, Denver, CO



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