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NYC Flashmob!

GoSeeDo artist Misnomer Dance Theater is hosting a Flashmob in Central Park tomorrow, July 17th! Come join in the fun and help make a marriage proposal a stunning success! Click here to for more info and to sign up. See you there!

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Engaging Dance Audiences Learning Exchange in NYC

GoSeeDo is pleased to be presenting as part of the NYC Learning Exchange this Sunday for Dance/USA’s Engaging Dance Audiences.  We will be joining American Dance Festival, The Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts, Oberlin Dance Collective, On the Boards, STREB, Trey McIntyre Project, Walker Art Center, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.  The Learning Exchange is being hosted by Gibney Dance Center, also an artist on GoSeeDo!

To learn more about Round Two of Engaging Dance Audiences and to register for the Learning Exchanges visit EDA Learning Exchanges.

Check out these great tips on audience engagement from EDA:

The term “audience engagement” is recognized by dance professionals to indicate emerging practices and new attitudes about the inter-relationships among artists, presenters, and audiences, going well beyond accustomed practices of marketing, outreach, and audience development. Here are four tips to keep in mind:

  1. Invites audiences to be participatory rather than passive and values their involvement. By being actively two-way rather than presentational, it empowers people to better understand, appreciate, and connect with the meaning and impact of the art experience.
  2. May be tied to specific performances, but also may occur independently. Some practitioners see “audience engagement” as blurring the line with the art making itself. It deepens relationships with existing viewers and also builds connections among prospective audiences.
  3. Plans in good faith that a more knowledgeable and involved audience will lead to better sales or donations and will attract new faces. The outcomes of engagement practices, however, are not attendance or ticket sales alone, but other kinds of impacts. It appreciates that everyone will react differently to the art, and celebrates the diversity of impact.
  4. Inevitably involves risk, investment and innovation.



Learn more about GoSeeDo and sign up today.


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GoSeeDo Invited Curator on Kickstarter

We’ve been invited to Curate a page on Kickstarter!  We are featuring the exciting projects in development by artists on GoSeeDo. This is another avenue by which fans can discover the awesome work of GoSeeDo artists. Check out both current and past projects on Kickstarter.

 GoSeeDo Artists: To have your Kickstarter Campaigns promoted on GoSeeDo’s Curation page, email your past or current Kickstarter campaign url’s to kickstarter@GoSeeDo.org


Learn more about GoSeeDo and sign up today.



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Tips on creating successful GoSeeDo offerings for your fans

We have put together some general tips for things to keep in mind when setting up your offerings for fans. Whether you create an offering from scratch or start with GoSeeDo’s pre-existing blueprints, these ideas should help you to create offerings that are descriptive and exciting to prospective participants:

  • Give your offering an understandable title – you want anyone reading the title of an offering to have enough of a sense of what it is that they will want to click on it to learn more.
  • Get to the point – try not to make your offering too text heavy. Readers will want to be able to learn quickly what your experience is all about.
  • Use “you” language – write your offering so that the wording describes what the buyer will receive as opposed to what you will offer them.  This can help the reader envision themselves taking part in the experience.
  • Be specific – make your description as specific as possible so that the reader will really know what to expect from the experience. This can also make what you are offering more concrete, and make it easier for a buyer to envision themselves taking part in the experience.
  • End with a call to action – it is a good idea to end your experience description by telling the reader a simple, clear action that they can take to book the experience with you. This may be as simple as inviting them to click the “Yes, I’m interested!” button to contact you.

Let us know if there are other ways we can help you use the platform – that is what we are here for!

Learn more about GoSeeDo and sign up today.


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Featured Offerings from GoSeeDo Artists – Colin McGrath & Kinesis Project

Have a favorite story you’d like to share? Collin McGrath can Create a Sing Along eBook for Your Child

   Do you have a favorite story that you like to tell your child? Would you like to have this story turned into a professionally illustrated story-song book? With a highlighted word sing-along feature, you and your child will be singing along in no time on an eBook that is compatible with your choice of mobile device!


Have a question for an artist?  Kinesis Project lets you book Your Own Private Q&A

 Do you have questions for Artistic Director Melissa or the Company but aren’t interested in being surrounded by other curious audience members as you ask them? Now you can book Your Own Private Q&A!




Learn more about GoSeeDo and sign up today.



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GoSeeDo – Artist Overview


What is GoSeeDo?

GoSeeDo is an online audience engagement and booking platform that facilitates meaningful and productive interactions between those who create art and those who appreciate it. It is designed to support artists and arts organizations in building more sustainable practices that raise revenue while deepening fan loyalty.

To do this, GoSeeDo assists artists in crafting, marketing and selling both regular event tickets and a bookable portfolio of creative experiences that can be purchased directly by fans, groups, companies, presenters…or just about anyone! We help deepen roots with ones’ existing base, as well as provide artists the opportunity to draw new fans and bookings through access to GoSeeDo’s centralized marketplace – similar to what Etsy.com does for crafts, but instead for unique, creative experiences through the arts.

Designed for busy artists who may have limited time, resources and technical capacity, GoSeeDo works to help artists to get up and running fast with easy-to-use, actionable marketing and experience blueprints, a learning center, and a peer-to-peer community where artists can see examples of and learn from one another’s engagement programs, leveraging the benefits of a network of practitioners.

Created by and for artists, and managed by a non-profit, GoSeeDo aims to be a powerful “need-to-have” resource focused squarely on a central issue in the arts – helping artists generate new, repeatable sources of earned revenue – in ways that are fun and meaningful to both themselves and their audiences.

What do we mean by creative experiences?

Creative experiences can encompass anything and everything that either artists or their fans can dream up. The main premise behind GoSeeDo is that artists have a lot to offer in addition to their final artistic product. A primary barrier to artists is not positioning their offerings for people who would be interested in what they have to offer and not having an easy way to make such offerings available. GoSeeDo breaks down those barriers, by creating a marketplace where individuals can go to find creative experiences ranging from:

  • Behind-the-scenes access to performances or rehearsals
  • Commissioning an artist to create an original, spectacular Halloween costume for a fan
  • Private, short, performances for a school, private party, or corporate event
  • Hiring a painter to create a mural for child’s room
  • Booking a choreographer to create a short work on a fan, giving them a taste for what it’s like to be a dancer
  • Having an artist design and orchestrate a flash-mob for a special occasion
  • A live video chat with an artist for a school group, book club, or aspiring artist

 Experience blueprints make it easy for artists to browse existing experience ideas and customize them to be their own. Artists can also create new experiences, and fans can request experiences they would like to book.


How does GoSeeDo benefit artists?

Get more bookings. One of our primary goals is to make it easy for artists to offer a wide range of creative, bookable experiences. These can include repurposing what artists are already doing for a wider market, as well as creating new offerings that neither artists nor their fans might have ever considered.

  • Get up and running fast. Experience blueprints bring artists 90% of the way to a full portfolio in no time.
  • Reach more varied markets. Blueprints help artists create, tailor and re-purpose experiences for school groups, corporate events, aspiring artists, and more.
  • Increase artists’ return on investment and reduce risks. Artists only put in the effort to make an experience happen when it has already been purchased.

Raise new income. Each new experience an artist offers is not only a new way that they can connect with their fans, but also a new way their fans can support them financially.

  • Offer experiences at a range of price points. What experience could an artist offer that would be worth $10, $100, or even $1,000 to one or more of their fans? Since offering experiences is so easy, artists can tailor them to niche groups within their fan base.
  • Asking for donations is hard, but offering experiences is easy. By offering fans experiences that they will be excited to book, tell their friends about, and give as gifts, artists are raising revenue in a whole new way.
  • GoSeeDo is designed to be easy to get guidance on best practices, so individual artists will not be alone in figuring out what works. Our built-in learning center has tutorials, webinars, and a peer community to help with everything from how to price experiences to how to best get useful feedback and testimonials from fans.

 Offer fans more. By offering fans experiences that enable them to bring an artists’ vision into more aspects of their daily lives, artists can deepen their connection to their fans.

  • Give fans more ways to experience art. Behind the scenes, in their home, with their friends – fans can see the richness of an artists’ work in more ways than ever.
  • Help fans feel more connected to artists. As a result, fans will be inspired to tell others about an artists’ work, make repeat bookings, and support artists in more varied ways.
  • Everyone feels good when they help someone else. GoSeeDo opens up new ways that fans can contribute to an artists’ success, including booking experiences, giving feedback on experiences, suggesting new experiences they would be interested in, or sharing an artists’ portfolio with a potential buyer or client.

What do artists think about GoSeeDo?

Below are some statements from artists regarding why they have found the GoSeeDo approach to be beneficial and inspiring for their organizations.

“GoSeeDo has quickly become an instrumental tool for thinking about new web-based opportunities (engagement and marketing) for my company and my choreography. Not only is it an important way to organize our own calendar of offerings, but it is an incredible resource for new ideas.”

– Lizzie Leopold, Artistic Director, Leopold Group, Chicago, IL

“We are excited about GoSeeDo’s potential to cultivate new audiences that go way beyond the traditional theater-goers.”

– Gina Gibney, Artistic Director, Gibney Dance, New York, NY

“GoSeeDo has spurred our creative thinking about new revenue streams. And the opportunity to share ideas with other artists is terrific! It’s easy to get bogged down in ‘same old, same old’ but GoSeeDo has provoked us to think in new ways.”

– Jane Stojak, Managing Director, Leah Stein Dance Company, Philadelphia, PA

“In a very short time with GoSeeDo I find my mind is brimming with ways of letting audiences into our dances. The creativity, questions and push to invent are all igniting sparks of new audience-to-performance relationships – I like to tear away barriers or confusion about art-making, GoSeeDo is a launch point for both me and my audiences.”

– Melissa Riker, Artistic Director, Kinesis Project, New York, NY

“GoSeeDo is an innovative platform that fosters creativity on many levels. It has deepened Ping Chong & Company’s thinking about what it means to have an online presence. We are excited that GoSeeDo presents us with possibilities to build more meaningful relationships with our audience.”

– Jane Jung, Managing Director, Ping Chong & Company, NY, NY

“Since we started using the platform, our theatre company has had a large perspective shift on what we have to offer- looking at a much larger range of activities, events, and services that we can share with our audiences. This shift includes looking at both what the company can offer as well as our individual members. GoSeeDo allows us to see ourselves as part of a national network of artists who are re-envisioning producing and business models through engagement activities.”

– Band of Toughs: a Theatre Collaboratory, Denver, CO



Explore GoSeeDo and sign up for free today!


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Events this week + featured bookables


Cristina Skinner presents: Project #1

October 26, 7:30 PM

Lincoln, NE

Project #1 is a devised theater piece currently being created by a group of 7 artists/students at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  “Humans utilize fear as a tool to help control the lives of others.  Fear is an essential element in everyday life, it is a factor in every decision made.  The group creating this piece of theater is embracing the idea of fear to show how it is used, and how fear can be overcome.”


Ping Chong & Company present: Angles of Swedenborg

October 27, 7:30 PM


“The production combines dance, theatre, music and multi-media projections and features eight angels, two spirits and, of course, Swedenborg himself, cavorting in a heavenly corral of swirling white feathers.”



Featured Bookables:

Christopher Williams Dances – Solo Commission

Need a solo dance?  Commission critically acclaimed choreographer Christopher Williams to work with you to create a new work.  A combination of your strengths and Williams’ rigorous movement vocabulary.




Kinesis Project – Step into Rehearsal

Ever want to enjoy a rehearsal without a crowded room?  Now you can!  Kinesis Project is creating a new show and they are opening up the process to include YOU.  Check out how you can get into the mix.






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Exciting events and featured bookables for this week!

Events this week on AEP


Interested in new plays?  CTC’s new series “Web Reading” launches tonight with a free online event!  Check out Web Reading: “Suicide on Pennsylvania Avenue”– a beautiful and thought-provoking story about one woman’s attempt to free her family from debt.





Live from the Arizona State Fair at the famous Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, An Afternoon with The Wallace & Ladmo Show.  Wallace and Pat McMahon discuss, as only they can, 36 years of doing the greatest kids’ show ever made.

Featured Bookable Offerings


Ever want to connect with an artist one-on-one?  Perhaps you have questions about a piece or about the artistic process.  Now you can!  Book “Your Own Private Q&A” with Kinesis Project.



Sometimes a dance is the perfect addition to a special event: a wedding reception, anniversary party, a celebration of you!  Now you can have a custom dance made for you to perform at your special event.  This is also a great gift for a couple.  Check out POP n’ wedLOCK’s “Couples Dance Lesson”.





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How very nice to meet you, AEP.

Hi guys! My name is Kate – I just wanted to introduce myself – and I am proud to be one of Misnomer and AEP’s newest interns. I’m coming to these spaces via an alternate direction than dance: my interest is piqued by thoughts of public space – the use of it and how we can make it better. I also love design and art.

With my interests rather seemingly unrelated to the live arts, you may ask “why AEP?” Easy. I was initially attracted to AEP because of their commitment to becoming a venue for “the sharing and spreading of the thrill of the live arts.” I am a firm believer in working for the common good and so one may be able to see why I would want to be a part of AEP: their mission to sustain (and hopefully better) the arts through helping artists design and tailor events specifically for their audience will ultimately serve the whole. For example, this kind of innovation could possibly add to the improvement of public spaces.

After a couple months of working with AEP I’ve had time to play with tying together some of my own interests – public space and design – with some of AEP’s – innovation in audience engagement. In this blog I’ll be asking questions about how to use public space better to cultivate more opportunities for audience engagement and I would love to hear what you think about these subjects as well. Feel free to email me at kate@misnomer.org.

I’d love to start a discussion.

  • What’s your favorite public space in NYC/the U.S./the world?
  • Have you seen an art event in a public space which seemed to influence the audience?
  • What kind of live arts make you feel most connected to your favorite artist?

I’d love to know! I look forward to engaging with you guys and I hope to uncover many more questions of my own this way.

Hasta luego!


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The results are in!

A big thanks to all of the artists who participated in our feedback sessions on our new design, updated features, and streamlined functionality.  All of the results were very positive and we’ll be moving forward with making these designs a reality!

The process:

We asked both current AEP artists as well as artists who are not currently using the platform to respond to 8 different pages.  We collected feedback on each page as well as a more in-depth survey following the full presentation.  We’ve gone through all of the feedback and have averaged results to share with you.

Here’s what we learned:

  • 96.25% LOVED the new designs of the pages
  • 96.12% LOVED the new layout of the pages
  • 94% LOVED how easy the new pages are to navigate

PS- the artists who didn’t LOVE the new pages LIKED them- we didn’t get one negative review!  

We introduced a plethora of new & updated features that will help fans and artists “GoSeeDo” more art events.  Here are the top features that artists are excited about:

  1. Our new Metrics & Statistics feature that lets artists see how their fans are using GoSeeDo to interact with their favorite artists
  2. Our new “Create” and “Promote” buttons for artists to manage their activities on the platform
  3. Our updated “Share” feature that lets fans spread the word about events to their networks and social media pages with a simple click of a button
  4. Our updated media options which lets artists add even more photos and videos to their profile as well as individual event pages

Stay tuned for more updates as AEP prepares to launch our new look and new name: GoSeeDo!

– Jeremy Williams, Community Manager


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Hello, AEP!

Hi AEP-ers,

I’m Courtney, an intern who’s going to be posting periodically on this blog. But before I start filling the blogosphere with my thoughts on different art forms and cool happenings, I thought I’d tell you a few things about myself. I graduated from Goucher College in May and three weeks later I moved from Ohio to NYC.

I’m a dancer, choreographer and photographer. I’ve always been charmed with bygone eras. I guess that accounts for how much I loved my Tuscan study abroad experience; plus, imagining myself in a different time was easier when I was surrounded by ancient buildings. It also explains why I’m fascinated with the digitization of nearly every aspect of our lives but find comfort in choosing analog. At times, I prefer the physicality that accompanies certain experiences. For example, I could spend an hour browsing Amazon to buy a new book for my Kindle. But, I’d prefer to spend that hour in an actual bookstore: handling various books, smelling their particular smell, hearing the pages rustle. I think the physical response that this, among many other experiences, elicits is what keeps us engaged in an increasingly digital world.

In fact, part of the reason I accepted this internship is due to the focus on audience engagement at AEP and Misnomer Dance Theater. Early into college, I was able to see how engaging an audience creates a positive impact. The dance department hosts open rehearsals at the end of every guest artist’s 10 day residency. During them, the audience gets the opportunity to preview the work as well as ask questions to the artist and dancers. These events provided me with opportunities to see more than just the work- I was drawn into the story behind it. We also were encouraged to ask more personal questions to the artists. Learning more about the artist provided insight into the work that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

What about you? What experiences make you react strongly? Are you interested in the preservation of pre-digital forms? Is there a way for both to coexist or are certain things headed for obscurity? Can you think of a time when you felt particularly engaged with an artist or art form? I would love to hear from you!

You can post a comment or email me here: Courtney

Looking forward to hearing from you, Courtney

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We did it!

We finally arrived at our site name for AEP!  The site name is…. GoSeeDo!

I never though of naming as a difficult task. I have named kids. Pets. Dance moves. It has never been a problem. But coming up with a name for the public facing brand of AEP… that was a challenge.

We had been looking for a  name that would be easy for the public to remember and inspire a sense of action and involvement among people coming to have new experiences with the arts. There are two ways that the public interested with the platform, either through a direct relationship with a particular artists, or to the central site’s public discovery interface where people can find new ways to engage with artists. The name needed to work for both.

I don’t know exactly how many hours were spent on domain search sites or how many names we discussed, evaluated, and dismissed. Some were too adventurous. Others too meek. Some were too forward. Others too elusive.  Needless to say, when we finally emerged with a name that most everyone on the team and of the 20+ people we surveyed liked, I was thrilled.

We’re now phasing in the branding to reflect the name. This starts working on the visual identity, and the first step is deciding on a logo. I had expected the logo process to be harder than the naming process. But so far it is an incredibly fun and fluid experience.

I’d like to share the initial set of logo designs that we looked at. Take a look. See what you think. And let us know which one you would pick or any feedback you have.

Oh yeah – let us know what you think of the name as well 🙂



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