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Dear Dance Artists,

As we gear-up for a special case-study Beta launch for the Audience Engagement Platform (AEP) starting on January 21st, we are reaching out to extend an open invitation especially for Dance artists to see if you may be a match as an early participant.

Case Study participants will have early access to the service and hands-on engagement with the AEP team. Not only will you be using the system to create new and interesting experiences of your own, you will also be shaping and defining the types of experiences that other artists will be able to create when the system goes live for others to use. As part of the documentation of the case-study process, your group’s early adoption and co-creation of new experience types would be shared with the national dance community.

Therefore, it is important that you understand not only our goals, but also the responsibilities that you will have as a participant. Please take a few moments to read through the information below, and then contact us so that we can consider you for participation in the program.

Please note that we are aiming to select the initial 8 case-study artists before the New Year, so if you’d like to be considered, let us know. We’ll also offer future rounds early spring leading up to the public launch. If you have any questions or would like to participate, feel free to email AEP’s Product Manager, Bill Seitz at Bill@aeplatform.org.

The AEP Team

BACKGROUND – Why are we doing this?
Ahhhh…..the creative experience. We choreograph, rehearse, prepare… and then? The audience sees the show and loves it! They are inspired. But… the show ends. The audience leaves. And when can they see you next….?” Next year. The momentum gets lost….

364 days of work for a single engagement with an audience member. All that work for One experience. Is that the best we can do? No.

While presenting a show is a rare occurrence due to the high costs or production, in those other days of the year there are many experiences that an artist could share that would be high-value to their audiences, but low-cost to the artist. AEP will help artists to develop, package, share, and manage these offering, in a way that is easy, fun, and replicable.  Imagine instantly having a full suite of experiences that express your artistic vision which you could offer to your audiences at various costs, lengths, and on-demand?  What if you could benefit from seeing all the innovative events and experiences that other artists were coming up with an sharing, and easily design your own in minutes? Welcome to AEP.

How will AEP help you with this? Through:

– A system that helps you design, offer, and schedule unique experiences and events;
– A Learning Community for Artists holding such events, to share knowledge and support;
– An interface with a ticket-seller system to handle those logistics;
– A process of leveraging social media and the Artist’s existing email list to promote the event;
– A post-experience social media process to promote the artist so that future events will be even easier to promote.

– An approach to turning a one-off offering into a series, and to test you audiences’ interest in a type of experience before investing in it.

What we will be doing during the Case Study is:
a) Gather and codify these experiences
b) Discover how to present and market them effectively
c) Test tools to simplify and automate the process

In order to be considered for participation you must meet the following criteria:
___ You are a dance-producing artist or organization

And you must agree to take the following actions:
___ You put on at least 3 experiences using the AEP platform* before the end of June.
___ You provide data about the events you hold during the Case Study period.
___ You provide feedback regarding the platform and the experiences you create with it
___ You agree to be interviewed at the start and end of the process
___ You participate in the workshop and webinar sessions
___ You report any bugs/errors that you find
___ You share new ideas for experiences or product development
___ You communicate with AEP during the Case Study period
___ You participate in the Case Study community by reading and interacting on the forums
___ You look forward to having a marvelous, fun, and exploratory adventure!

* For more information on AEP experiences, please visit: http://www.aeplatform.org/aep-audiencebook-plan/2010/11/

Case Study Schedule
Apart from your individual work, the following milestones will be part of the schedule:

Item #1 – Initial interview
Our Case Study research consultant will interview you about your past/current audience engagement activities, and your plans for using AEP.

Item #2 – Workshop, Intro to AEP
The workshop will take you through the system and teach you the basics of the AEP platform, including what tools are available, what event types you can choose to create, and how you will go about the process of marketing and performing one of these experiences. At the end of this workshop, you will be asked to think about what type of event you would like to create and you will be asked to participate in a short video interview in order to begin tracking progress before, during and after the beta. Based on your feedback during the workshop, we’ll make some adjustments to the software and documentation/materials before the “launch”.

Item #3 Case Study Materials via Email
On the day of the launch, you will be sent materials that you can use as a reference. These materials will include links to the resource library, your login credentials, and other information you will need in order to participate in the Case Study.

You will be expected to have selected an experience that you would like to try to put on, and AEP staff will be following up with you to make sure that you are ready to go. You will also have access to forums and other methods of communication so that you can ask us or members of the community questions you might have. If you decide to change your mind and try a different experience type after you learn more about the system, you will be able to do that at any time.

Once the process has started, AEP staff will be in contact periodically in order to make sure everything is going smoothly, you have all the information that you need to proceed, and that there are no issues that you are encountering that are affecting your ability to participate.

To increase your comfort/experience at holding these events, and provide ever-more-informed improvement ideas for us, the plan is for you to repeat this process for 3 events before end-June.

Item #4 Webinars
There will be two webinars held to review the progress you’ve made, answer any questions you might have, and share feedback with the Case Study community.

Item #5 Launch
You will need to have completed your 3rd event by June and provided feedback regarding the event’s marketing and execution. Our Case Study researcher will then interview you a second time about your AEP experience.

Interested? Questions? Email Bill@AEPlatform.org

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