GoSeeDo Beta User FAQ

This page will be a place to find general/reference/Help notes.

For fans/audience

Buying a ticket via EventBrite

Many of our artists’ events have their ticketing handled by EventBrite. Here’s what you should know:

  1. You can pay by credit card (or PayPal).
  2. The credit card charges are processed by PayPal, so you go through the PayPal site. At times, it looks like you’re required to have a PayPal account, but if you look carefully you’ll always find the links to let you just enter your credit card information. (PayPal accounts are free, so there’s no big reason not to use them, but you don’t have to.)
  3. Print out your EventBrite confirmation as your ticket and bring it to the event.

For Beta artists:

General info

The main site URL is http://app.aeplatform.org – we’ll be linking to that in more places soon.

You can see topics everyone has been discussing on GetSatisfaction at http://getsatisfaction.com/aep/topics.

Link to Email-blast Templates

GoSeeDo Email-blast Templates

On-Demand Experiences

Watch our Webinar from Feburary 8, 2001 here: Webinar 1: About Bookable Experiences

Here are links to information to get you started designing and drafting your Bookable Experiences:
Here are the links to getting started:

1.  Introduction to Bookable Experiences
2.  The “1000 True Fans” Concept
3.   “1000 True Fans” Case Studies
4.  Strategic Ideas on Pricing Your Bookable Experiences
5. Examples of Bookable Experiences

Your Facebook Fan #

If the URL of your Facebook Fan page has a number in it, that’s the number to paste into the field of your profile.

If you have customized your Facebook URL, so it no longer includes a number, click on your Facebook profile image, and copy the long number that’s part of the resulting URL. (More details here.)

PayPal and EventBrite info

If you want to use EventBrite to sell tickets to your event, fill in the “Capacity” and “Price” fields when you enter your event data. Then, when you Publish your event, we’ll automatically create the record in EventBrite and link to it. And EventBrite will pay you directly (via PayPal) for your ticket sales.

If you prefer to use a different ticket seller (for instance, if your venue already handles ticket sales, or you use TicketWeb), then leave the Capacity and Price fields empty, and fill in the “URL to Purchase Tickets” field with the URL for that site (make sure you use the URL specific to your event, not the seller home-page).

Before you can Publish an event that will use EventBrite ticketing, you will need to create accounts for yourself in PayPal and EventBrite, and include that account information in your GoSeeDo Organization profile.

  • for PayPal, you just need to provide the email address associated with your PayPal account.
  • for EventBrite, you need to go to the page where they tell you your account’s “API User key”, and copy and paste that into your GoSeeDo profile.

Sending an email to your EventBrite attendees

After your event, if you used EventBrite for your ticketing, their system provides a way to send an email to all the ticket buyers for that event. Just go to EventBrite and log in to your account (note that the login/password probably isn’t the same as for GoSeeDo, it’s whatever you used when you created your EventBrite account yourself), find your event in your dashboard, then once in the event click the “Email Attendees” link in the left column.

Back on GoSeeDo, view your event page, then you’ll see a link for your “Post-event Email-blast template” inside the “Links for You” area in the right column: clicking on that will bring up the template in a new window. You can Select All in that window and then copy-and-paste into the EventBrite email-editor form, make any edits you want, and then Send.