Adding GoSeeDo to your website or blog

We are working on an integration between GoSeeDo and your website/blog.  Until then, here’s a quick and easy way to add your offerings to your website the place where your fans already know to go to find cool events and experience.


1.  Save the GoSeeDo logo to your computer.  Click the link and a new window will open with an image.  You can right-click (control + click for Mac) and save the image to your device.

2.  Add the GoSeeDo logo to your website/blog.  Include a short introduction text to your fans about  GoSeeDo.  Here’s an example feel free to copy and paste directly to your site/blog.  Or write a custom intro, just be sure to contextualize what GoSeeDo is and how it will benefit your fans.
  • [insert company name] is now using GoSeeDo to create unique experiences that bring YOU into our work in a whole new way!  Visit our profile to find new events and offerings that have been created with you in mind.  Click on the GoSeeDo image to check out what’s new!
3.  Add a hyperlink to the GoSeeDo logo that takes you fans to your GoSeeDo profile page.

4.  Additional: you can also place links to individual projects, bookables, and events to your site.  Follow the same instructions but use the images you uploaded to GoSeeDo!



1.  Add GoSeeDo logo to your site & link to GoSeeDo Profile



 When fans click the GoSeeDo logo it takes them to your profile page:












2.  Adding a link to a project, bookable, or event



When fans click the image of “Desirous Project” they are taken to the GoSeeDo project page: