Where creative experiences are made and shared

GoSeeDo.org is a social platform where people work with artists to craft creative, live experiences that individuals, groups and companies buy directly from the artists. We spark creative partnerships around a marketplace for creative experiences which includes unique-experience gifts, tailored lessons, co-creation events, commissioned flash-mobs and more!

For Artists: GoSeeDo guides you in creating innovative bookable offerings that help you connect more deeply with your audiences and generate new income.

For Fans: GoSeeDo gives you a role in crafting your own experiences in the arts. We enable you to help artists design and test offerings that are meaningful for you and them.

Visit GoSeeDo.org to enjoy art in a whole new way! Artists can sign-up with a free account today.


Read what Artists are saying about GoSeeDo.org:


“Gibney Dance is proud to have participated in the development of such an essential and unique social media platform dedicated to the performing arts. We are excited about its potential to cultivate new audiences that go way beyond the traditional theater-goers. We hope that the platform’s interactivity feature will become addictive and turn millions of people into art lovers and consumers!”

– Gina Gibney, Artistic Director of Gibney Dance
New York, NY

“This has been a rare and wonderful opportunity to be involved in the experimental stages of the innovative “GoSeeDo” Platform.  I am inspired by the conversations, all filled with forward-thinking ideas that will surely enhance my choreography’s exposure as well as to aid in the appreciation and advancement of the art of professional modern dance.”

–  Rebecca Rice, Artistic Director, Rebecca Rice Dance Company
Boston, MA

GoSeeDo has the potential to expand an artist’s scope by revealing the versatility, availability, and accessibility of his or her craft in an enticing forum.  This forum works to simultaneously demystify and enhance his or her process in the eyes of the general public.”

– Christopher Williams, Choreographer of Christopher Williams Dance
New York, NY

“In a very short time with GoSeeDo I find my mind is brimming with ways of letting audiences into our dances.  The creativity, questions & push to invent are all igniting sparks of new audience-to-performance relationships – I like to tear away barriers or confusion about art making, GoSeeDo is a launch point for both me and my audiences.”

–Melissa Riker, Artistic Director, Kinesis Project
New York, NY

“At Malashock Dance, GoSeeDo has definitely shaken up our thinking about what constitutes ‘meaningful’ experiences for our audience. In very surprising ways, it has prompted a kind of creativity within our entire organization – with ALL of the staff members contributing great, and original, ideas. Using GoSeeDo has been both fun and productive for us.”

–John Malashock, Artistic Director of Malashock Dance
San Diego, CA